Get Noticed!

Are you one of the millions of women who think print and digital advertising is a waste of time and money? 

Girl, times haven't changed that much!


Toot Your own Horn!

When it comes to where we spend our advertising dollars, deciding between print and digital, and when to use either can certainly be confusing. Here are the basic differences:

Print Ads:

Let you choose sizes and options.

Better able you to reach specific audiences.

Hold longer attention of your audience.

Use your ideal branding platform.

Digital Ads:

Are typically less expensive.

Can be easier to test your demographics.

Make audience targeting and placement easier.

Can give you the ability to create constant exposure.

So, Which One Is Better?

In a nutshell:

Print Advertising is great for brand-building and establishing credibility, while Digital advertising is best for immediate results.

Bottom line? We Say Both!

At Savvy Ink we can help you decide based on what's important to you for your business growth and for your pocketbook. We help you decide what ads will help reach your customer base and create content that brings in the ROI you've been waiting for.

We Grow With You!

Start slowly, build your audience, then watch your pockets get deeper. 


We're with you every step of the way. Whether you're a budding start-up or a seasoned professional wanting to revamp your groove, we'll get you started then show you how to build your customer base and climb the ladder of your own successful business.