No Cons, Just Prose

You never have to worry about being taken advantage of again. Now you have someone on your side whose been there, done that, and knows how to help you succeed.


At Savvy Ink we only use the best in the business. We've carefully chosen our sources to ensure that you get the best copywriting available for your business and start up. They're women (and a few cool men) who are entrepreneurs in their own right.  Web Designers, Graphic Designers, Social Media Guru's, Masters of Prose and some who do it all. 

We choose the best person for your job to make sure it's done right and when you need it. 

Meet the Chick In Charge


Hi! I'm Laura Vaughn.

Over the past 30 years, I've owned and operated several businesses for myself and other business owners giving me the unique opportunity to have worked and been successful in several different industries.

After the initial business set up, I found it exhausting to try to run a company while creating and managing the content needed for the websites and maintaining them.

Designing print and digital advertising, managing social media and marketing was so time consuming that I barely had time to complete tasks needed to produce and sell products and services. I was also blogging for most of those companies putting in 12-14 hours a day, and was struggling to keep up.

While searching for endless hours on the web trying to educate myself, I found that there was very little help available for women. Men in the same industries seemed to be getting all the breaks, discounts, bonuses, support and financial backing.

I found little to no support and very little help financially. I found myself speaking to men who condescended and I had to work so much harder to get the same results that men were getting.

That's exactly why I started Savvy Ink! I've done all the work for you! Now, wouldn't you rather focus on running your business than copywriting?

Take care of your business, focus on what you do best, and and we'll take care of the rest.




Me and my trusty hound, Scottie, in our backyard.